NULL POTENTIOMETERS 10-147 and 10-147-N



Two null pots are available - a used original Heathkit part, and a new replacement part.  Many of the used pots are old and have intermittent operation, especially at the normal null setting.  Since I do not sell used parts that are not useable, I am often out of stock of the used heathkit pots.

As an alternative, I now stock brand new pots (part number 10-147-N) suitable for direct replacement of the old Heathkit pots.  These are the same value and solder into the same 3 solder holes as the old pot, but is mounted vertically instead of horizontally (see pictures below).  The only significance of that is the tuning tool used to adjust the pot must be in a near horizontal position instead of vertical, perhaps a small inconvenience to pay for a brand new pot that should give trouble free performance for years to come.  

The picture shows the new pot in a HW-101.  Installation in other rigs that use this pot may look a little different.  Over time, as supplies may change, the pot currently being supplied may look somewhat different that the one pictured.


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